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About Academic Support at DUCOM

The Office of Academic Support offers a variety of resources to help students learn efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to support all students as they adapt their study skills, test taking strategies, and personal habits to the demands of medical education. We understand that the amount of material and pace of the curriculum can present difficulties for many students. Our team is committed to working with students through these challenges.

Support services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Academic success workshops (time management, study strategies, test preparation, etc.) 
  • Individual academic coaching and advising 
  • Preparation for USMLE Board Exams 
  • Academic Coaching Services (AKA peer tutoring)
  • University resource or service referrals 

To learn more, contact Dr. Stephanie Brown, Director of Academic Support, at sb4594@drexel.edu, Kate Miller Syoum, Learning Specialist (PHL), at km4258@drexel.edu, or Chelsea Watts, Learning Specialist (WR) at clw364@drexel.edu. You can also schedule an appointment with our Academic Support team via the Calendly links below:

Dr. Brown: https://calendly.com/drbrowndrexel

Kate: https://calendly.com/katemillersyoum

Chelsea: https://calendly.com/cwatts_

Booking an Appointment with an Academic Coach

1. Go to the WCOnline website: https://drexel.mywconline.net/ Enter your log-in credentials, select a schedule (for example, MS1 tutoring (PHL) if you need help in the MS1 curriculum), and click the “Log In” box.

2. In the "Find an Appointment" box, select your preferred date/time. You can use the drop down for “Preferred Staff or Resource” to select a specific coach or leave “Any Available” to see who meets your preferred criteria.

3. In the “Subject:” field, select the content/clerkship you’d like to review (ex: biochemistry, microbiology, Family Medicine). If you do not select a subject here, you will be required to make a selection before creating your appointment.

4. Click “Find Appointments,” to see a list of potential coaches. A "Perfect Match" meets all your criteria, while a "Close Match" meets some or most of your criteria. Locate the appointment you’d like to schedule and click "Reserve".

5. Fill in the "Create New Appointment" form. In the text box, you may add any specific topics you want to go over so that your tutor can prepare. Click “Create Appointment.” You should receive email confirmation of the same.